Stocking Stuffers For Her!

Stocking stuffers for her

The alluring, beautiful and sensational Christmas bells…Oh mighty, Christmas ahead! Everyone is out and about to buy the stuffs to present before her, you know that’s what “the love” is. Christmas is not an occasion/event in it’s mere meaning, it’s a fluky too, to prove and symbolize your love through your conditional zeal and zest.

Well! It isn’t so far, so what are you waiting for?


Go out and find Stocking stuffers for her! Everyone rushes out, someone to fill stocking stuffers for her wife, someone for her sister, Our spiritual generation (the boyfriends) for their girlfriends, someone in love for their mates and friends too.

Umm! but “what”? What can we buy? What can be special and eye and heart catchy for her? Happens! Usually we get stuck here far and between. But hey you! Hold on your breath, relax!

Start running your cranium man!

1) Can be a make over kit?

Oh yea! You are fairly familiar with her. How much beauty means to her! This will put a spark on her face at the first glance. Make up is her life! And as for sure, she wears that for you honey. Go out and find the beauty kit for your “Beautiful Her”

2) Can be a  love pendant necklace?

Well she is yours, and she will definitely love wearing a forever living memory of yours, nearer to her. Love pendants, not just a goodie to wear, but the feeling to hold within her heart. That’s one thing too.

3) Can be those pink fluffy boos and balls?

She isn’t too aged for you. Out there! She is still an impish chap. Pink is HER color, and fluffy boos and balls are her goodies that bring felicity and gibes. Present them before her, and you will be blessed with memorable chuckle on her face that will seduce your senses.

4) What about pepper spray?

Does she really don’t need it? You may not be available with her for 24/7. Don’t you think, she really needs to keep it with her. Well! That’s what make her feel more protective to think of you. She will gladly keep it, cause she worth to you.

5) What about the kitty leg stockings?

It’s going to be chilly season. And she definitely has to let them in. Let your kitty to have these warm kitty high (leg) stockings. She will add more stars to her stockings.

6) Can be the yellow minion hands free?

Doesn’t she find hard to hold the cell for hours in her hands, when she is in that seductive conversation with you? Doesn’t that hurt you too? Here you go! Best No? Well definitely she must have it. After all, it will help her too in listening to her favourite songs. She will keep you in her thoughts every time.

7) what do you think about a lovely Jar of Latte?

The most crowd pleasing of the times, how can someone deny it? Latte! Not just a mere coffee, it’s an emotion as well. Milk coffee “Latte” will cheer her up. So present it, this Christmas.

So don’t waste your time, money and energy in trash. Go and fetch them! Fill the stockings stuffers for her!

“It’s never too late!”